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      A charter flight is  a flight formed for one specific purpose. It is also called an ad-hoc flight. its opposite in meaning is scheduled flight.                                           

Charter flights vary and differ according to a set of variables, now Kargo sales  are always on standby to assist customers to determine type of charter flight that suits their requested cargo services. Also sales of Now Kargo will be able to provide customers with primary pricing or quotation for a specific charter cargo Flight upon submission of an official order addressed to Now Kargo Sales.

Charter flights are made to facilitate the transportation  of both general and special cargo for Example life animals, perishables, and refrigerated commodities  each of them require special handling while general cargo  can be handled normally, although safety will be first priority in all cases of cargo handling, special care should be given to each type in accordance to its nature.

A charter flight can be operated for a single or multiple customers  it depends

on prearrangements between all parties and Now Kargo or by now kargo  operations section's commercial  assessment of operations costs calculations.

A suitable cargo services for a given  case can be selected amongst available options.

For more specific details regarding  your shipment please contact Now Kargo sales at once to get more professional options and suggestions on the spot.