Door to Door Back



     This term is used to describe the shipment of goods from a consignor's place of business to a consignee's place of business.

Now Kargo has a large experience in performing such a service, providing  that customer delivers  all documents  on due time to complete export procedures with customs' clearance  local  authorities.

Required documents are basically consist of :  

a) Packing list.

b) Goods invoice.

c) Shipper and Consignee details.

d) In some special cargo  commodities,  more documents are required to be submitted within transaction file's docs. as to comply with rules and regulations  of the  processing  authorities.

Shipment should be received from customer 48hrs before planned cargo flight's date.

Also Now Kargo takes similar necessary actions at Airport of destination 

Now Kargo is offering this service to customers on highest standards, thanks to the continuous  high  performances of our  professional and skillful sales and operations sections' staff .