On-Request Services Back

        Now kargo, having its abilities and capabilities derived from its experienced

staff  is ready to provide its customers with valuable advices relating to all air cargo activities, furthermore performance of  some cargo transportation and freight forwarding lies under our services providing tasks.

Should a service or services are not amongst our services provision lists, Now Kargo  can arrange for such needed services to be provided to customers under its supervision ensuring that services can be obtained through a single professional source.

Therefore Now Kargo, for the sake of Its customer satisfaction is having  two kinds of services to offer :

·        provide

·        arrange

a) provide  a service:

    means  service is provided to customer by Now Kargo itself

    without participation or interferences of any outsources .

b) arrange for a service means:

    service is carried out by an outsource or third party but  supervised by  

    Now Kargo.

    For more details please contact Sales and Operations of Now Kargo    

    for further clarifications as each case has got its specific processing