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Here are some of the items transported by our company over its domestic and international routes.


Live Animals:

     Through detailed planning and special handling, our customized shipping solutions for transporting live animals are designed to maximize the safety of all our animal “passengers”. All animals are to be tendered in approved cages or species appropriate shipping containers. For the added comfort and well-being of horses during the flight, Now Kargo permits horse handlers on board its freighters.

What types of live animals can be shipped by air?


Sentimental Shipments

   We understand how traumatic it is to lose a dear one. That’s why we make sure the mortal remains of the deceased are always carried with utmost care and concern.

Besides passport of the deceased, the following documents are required for carriage of sentimental cargo:


Odd-Sized Cargo

   Do you have any odd sized cargo or heavy cargo to carry? Don’t worry. Like we handle valuables and livestock, we also  possess expertise in logistics to carry heavy and odd –sized.


Dangerous Goods

    Because of some countries needs an industrial and nuclear power, we regularly carry Dangerous Goods such as flammable, corrosive, poisonous and radioactive substances and varied use including medical. Our Cargo staff is qualified under Dangerous Goods Regulations, to handle such shipments.



    In order to ensure security of your valuables, we have provided a container with a security locker on wide body aircrafts.     The narrow body aircrafts are also fitted with locker for valuable cargo. In fact, the entire operation of loading and unloading is carried out under the vigilant eyes of our Security personnel.

In order to adhere to the strictest security for transportation of cargo on our flights, we ensure that the cargo is loaded on the flight after physical check or x-ray.



   Over the years we have acquired expertise in carriage of live stock.



Funerals are treated special treatment for the emotional nature of the track facilities so it requires shipped normally undertaken by the embassies of countries affiliated Almtuaa measures, as is the entity authorized to complete domestic procedures for the state.